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Live Your Ideal Life will encourage and help you understand on an emotional level, that you literally become what you think about. You have been given the most powerful tool in the universe, your mind! With guidance and by developing an understanding of how this powerful mind of yours works, you can literally wake up and pinch yourself at the wonderful life you’ve created. Your ideal life, and you can be living it. You are the creator! You are the captain of your life! Patty will guide you, teach you, and encourage you to take charge. Own your power and step into a version of yourself that you never knew existed. If you’re ready to upgrade yourself and your life, then this is the show for you! 


Patty believes that you and her clients are capable of creating the life they’ve always dreamed of. She is very familiar with the challenges and opportunities that can present themselves throughout life. It took hitting her breaking point before she decided to make changes. The changes she made were so significant they transformed her life. Her journey began when she hired a coach. What she learned has been so influential in her life she couldn’t understand why everyone isn’t given this information. That’s when she made a decision to share with as many people as she can. Patty shares information from many mentors. One of them, the legendary Bob Proctor, founder of the Proctor-Gallagher institute. Who in 2006 he was in the hit documentary “The Secret”. Bob passed away early in 2022. As a Proctor- Gallagher consultant and founder of Live Your Ideal Life Patty has the privilege to pass on his and her other mentors great knowledge. Patty also offers coaching and various other programs. She urges you not to wait for the breakdown like she did. Even good can be better. It can be great. Don’t settle for okay. You matter, your life matters. 


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