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2pm | Light Up Your Life

Why settle for less when you can stack the deck for more fun and even better results!

Join Nancy Anger, intuitive guide and master energy healer and extraordinary expert  guests for fresh new ideas, life changing stories and inspiration for living life to the fullest.  

Topics will include spirituality, lifestyle, energy healing, wellness and more

Nancy Anger is an Intuitive Guide and Master Energy Medicine Practitioner who loves helping people breakthrough to a fulfilling and well lived life

“I love helping clients see who they really are and then activating the spark within them so they can be the person they want to be and create the life they desire” 

Nancy was the founder/director of State of Grace Yoga and Wellness Center for over 15 years before she sold it in 2017 to explore new ways to play in the world. 

She shares her light hearted yet powerful coaching/healing through 1:1 Coaching and Healing sessions, retreats and group programs. 

Nancy is an Intuitive Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner with nearly 40 years in the health, wellness and spirituality industry including:

• Aerobics Instructor 

• Reiki Master

• Yoga Life Coach

• Certified Reflexologist

• Licensed Aesthetician

• Oneness Blessing Trainer

• 200 RYT (registered yoga teacher)

• Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner 

•Teachers Assistant Rhys Thomas Institute Of Energy Medicine

• Sacred DNA Restructure Method ® Practitioner and Trainer

• Dao~Tha Soundcodes Therapy Practitioner andTrainer

She is also the creatrix of Myokotosas (All is Well) SoundCodes Certification 

and her signature course Alive: 8 Weeks to Finally Live the Life You Imagine

In addition to local speaking engagements, Nancy has been a guest on:

• The Oprah Winfrey Show 

• Close Up Radio

• Connect and Elevate (Seasons 1, 2 and 3)

Connect with Nancy in her private Facebook  group:

FB Biz page: 

Or visit her website


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