10am | Mastering Marketing Mysteries


Mastering Marketing Mysteries, With Ann Gray The “Queen of Social Media Marketing.”

Ann Gray, award winning leader in the social media industry unravels the mysteries behind cutting edge Marketing and Advertising strategies, so you can achieve the social media results you have always dreamed of…
Each week on her show Mastering Marketing Mysteries, Ann will give you profound insights and actions which will allow your brand to “own” social media.
Ann will answer vital questions and give solutions about your social media marketing questions such as:
• How do I best reach my target audience?
• How do I constantly keep my target audience engaged?
• How do I take advantage of the ever-changing algorithms on social media?
• What platform should I be on?
• What and when should I post?
The answers to these questions and more are vital to all businesses and to your personal success as an entrepreneur. Mastering Marketing Mysteries with cutting-edge leader Ann Gray will forever transform the way you look at how to succeed with Social Media Marketing!
Ann is so beloved by her clients for the success she has brought them, they call her the “Queen of Social Media!” She carries the badge Top-Rated Plus on the platform Upwork which is the highest achievement possible on the platform. Only 1% of the workforce is Top-Rated Plus. She was also awarded the prestigious “Top 100 Influencers in Marketing and Advertising” by MARsum at the MARsum 2020-2021 Vegas Marketing conference.

Ann Gray, Social Media Strategy and Design Innovator and founder of Ann Gray Consulting, located in Kansas City, MO, is a hybrid professional in Marketing and Branding. She combines creative design with Social Media Marketing to accommodate the era we live in with cutting edge video content.
Ann has a faith-based Boutique Marketing Agency specializing in Social Media Marketing and Branding with a team of brilliant Digital Marketers. Her standard of excellence, knowledge, and honorable values has caused her to rise as an expert in her field.