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8pm | Diabetes Beyond Numbers

One in 10 adults worldwide currently lives with diabetes, an estimated 537 million people. Ninety-six million US adults have pre diabetes, but more than 80% don’t know they have it. The good news is that pre diabetes can be reversed by making lifestyle changes, such as losing a small amount of weight and getting more physically active.  This show will help you understand the basic concepts of diabetes management and provide you with a step-by-step approach to learn about preventing or managing diabetes and its complications. In this show, you will learn about why you get diabetes, how it is related to heart disease and other medical problems and why people develop complications. It will give you practical everyday advice on diet management, healthy eating, meal plans and intelligent ways to cut back on calories and weight management, including medical and surgical options. Discover the pros and cons of various diets and intermittent fasting. It will discuss different ways to monitor glucose and discuss various new technologies available in glucose monitoring. Learn about easy ways to incorporate exercise as part of your lifestyle. Learn how to avoid complications from diabetes. Importance of sleep in management of diabetes. Ultimately this show will help you form a comprehensive game plan to manage and heal diabetes effectively. 

Dr. Nuzhat Chalisa is a Clinical Endocrinologist and a Specialist in Diabetes and Obesity. Dr. Chalisa has been in practice for over 22 years and is involved in several community based diabetes management programs.  She serves as the Chair-elect for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Clinical Centers and Programs Leadership Team. Dr Chalisa has experience in understanding diabetes both from the provider and the patient’s perspective. She lost her own father from complications of diabetes which intensified her passion for helping people with diabetes and led to the foundation of “Kisat Diabetes Organization” a nonprofit that advocates for the prevention of diabetes complications through early screening and education. She serves as the Chair-elect for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Clinical Centers and Programs Leadership Team. She has been involved with diabetes education in senior populations in collaboration with the American Association of Retired Asians (AARA) and is a member of the ADA’s ‘Diabetes in the Elderly Group’ subcommittee which oversees the creation of guidelines and resources for diabetes management in the elderly population. She has been a frequent guest speaker in several national and International diabetes and obesity conferences.  Dr. Chalisa is a graduate of Harvard Medical School’s Post-Graduate Medical Writing Program and published author of “Diabetes Beyond Numbers” a comprehensive guide to diabetes management. 

All the information discussed will be based on scientific evidence and approved guidelines from reputable organizations.

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