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8pm | Can You Relate to Fitness & Health?

My name is Jill and I am the founder of True Fit Balance. I strive to bring body, mind, and life into harmony and help you become the best version of yourself.  I am a certified personal trainer who holds specialty certifications in senior fitness, cancer exercise and chronic disease/injury. I am also a certified brain health, nutrition and life coach.  Change is hard. We are all unique individuals. YOU need to find solutions that work best for YOU.  How do I know this? I did it myself. I learned what worked for me and now I create customized programs to help my clients achieve a healthy, strong and balanced body.

Do not let the “fear” of change keep you from achieving your dreams. Believe in YOURSELF.  Life is a series of moments. It’s YOUR moment. It’s YOUR life.  Can You Relate to Fit and Health talks about fitness, nutrition and mental health. My entire life I have looked to see if there were people going through the same situations I was experiencing. When the internet became popular (I was 14) I was looking up things like “am I doing this exercise correctly” to “what is it called when I can’t look in the mirror because I am disgusted by my body” to everything in between.  The world can feel like a very lonely place sometimes especially when we are experiencing difficulties. I created Can You Relate to Fit and Health so people have a place to see they are not alone in the struggles they are going through. I will be talking about my experiences as well as having guests and experts on to tell their stories and share information with us that might help you and me too. Just remember you are not alone.

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