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6pm | The Holistic Healing Experience

The Holistic Healing Experience:

Welcome to The Holistic Healing Experience with licensed CHEK Lifestyle Coach, RCPC, author, mom and motivational speaker Nicole Moneer. With over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Nicole provides holistic coaching, testing, education, support and motivation globally to help prevent and reverse disease and chronic conditions without medicines, along with breaking unhealthy lifelong patterns. She will help you in your journey to looking and feeling your best, no matter what your age! Let’s welcome the host of The Holistic Healing Experience, Nicole Moneer.

Nicole Moneer:
Join Nicole on her quest towards creating a healthy way of living, sharing her learned wisdom and experience in discovering the root cause of disease, pain, chronic conditions and trauma. Explore relationships with self and others and how to break cycles and patterns of generational dysfunction. Learn how to discover wellness from within no matter what your age. Walk away empowered and equipped to heal holistically in all areas of your life, so you can achieve what you desire.

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