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In the Subconscious Proof, Viktoria Hamma brings you leaders in the health and wellness field who can help us understand the connections in the mind and body while giving us actionable solutions to everyday problems. In each episode, Viktoria takes a deep dive into the science behind the subconscious mind and how it influences our overall health and well-being. She’s not afraid to ask tough questions to get the most out of every treatment and solution. From tips for managing stress and anxiety to strategies for improving sleep and gut health, boosting immunity and even understanding how our health can affect our finances, The Subconscious Proof is your go-to resource for living a healthier, happier life. With Viktoria at the helm, The Subconscious Proof is the perfect platform for exploring the fascinating world of the mind-body connection. Tune in each week for insightful conversations and practical advice from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Viktoria Hamma is a Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach with additional training in Massage Therapy and Personal Training. She has her own practice in the beautiful Muskoka Ontario where she sees clients both in person and virtually worldwide. She works educating clients and people alike at a Private Addiction Treatment Centre in Ontario, various Indigenous reserves in Canada and does contract work with many other organizations including businesses and private schools. She creates individual solutions for those looking for help with mindset, addictions, pain, anxiety, weight loss and more! She is a speaker and educator in many wellness areas, helping her clients and the public understand the Why behind their health issues as well and the How to help them!

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