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Lynda Lamp is a thought leader, myth buster, and author.  Her unique life experience allows her to illuminate the secrets of life.  Each week she will take you on a deep dive into wholistic tools we can use to help us remember, reconnect and become our divinity.  If you find life more challenging than ever, join Lynda, and you’ll feel better about everything soon! Lynda will take live calls during the show; she is the resource you’ve been looking for!

Lynda Lamp is an innovative thought leader, author, myth-buster, spiritual counselor, and life coach. Her books include Walking Through Your Walls, Loving Yourself and Everyone Else!, and Walking Through Your Chakras (2023 release date). Lynda’s unique memories of a place before this lifetime and her agreement to participate in this realm enable her to see and make sense of the crazy world many of us are experiencing. Lynda has lived and traveled worldwide, settling in Alaska in 1997 to build a boutique lodging property. Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay LLC provides award-winning heavenly relaxation on the ocean. Lynda is appreciated by many for her unusual interpretation of A Course in Miracles; she hosts a weekly podcast, Let’s Become A Beloved Society: Conversations Illuminating Your Path to Wholeness and is the host of several radio/podcasts, including Internal Divinity: Conversations Illuminating Your Path to Self Love. Lynda Lamp wants to be the resource you have been looking for; she welcomes your texts, emails, and phone calls!

Check out Lynda’s book Walking Through Your Walls in hardback, paperback and e-versions of the book (both ePub
and kindle).

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