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5pm | Why Aren’t You Over This By Now

I should be over the things that happened to me.” “I am to blame.” “It has to be my fault, why else would it have happened?” These are just a few of the statements many clients have said over the years. The truth is that we all have things happen in our lives. We all have stuff. Dr. James was abused as a child, abused in her marriage, and abused by the legal system and struggled to get over it. She kept searching for anything that would help her feel better; to not feel the way she had felt for so long. Finally, she found a way to heal her past in order to love her future. As co-author of the book, Why Aren’t You Over This By Now? How Trauma Messes You Up and What To Do About It, Dr. James shares how events in life have negatively affected individuals as a way to help eliminate self-blame, guilt, shame, and negative self-talk. Dr. James has over two decades of experience in the mental health field focusing on how trauma affects you from a neurobiological, body based perspective intermingled with quantum physics. The goal of the show is to offer hope and remove the stigma of therapy. Hope for healing the past, so that you can live life the way you want. The show will spotlight many options for healing beside traditional talk therapy. The show will explore alternative options such as EMDR Therapy, Emotion Code, Body Code, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Self-Empowerment, and Coaching for all types of issues including individual, relationship, grief and loss, and even addictions.

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