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Disasters are all around us. Turn on the news and Mother Nature is on a rampage. Personal disasters put our lives on hold or derail us completely. Some even believe that Armageddon is around the corner. Linda Fostek invites you to become a part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Join Linda as she focuses on our weekly topic. Don’t miss our special segments on: “In the news”, “Caregiving Challenges”, “Extreme Prepping” and “Home Sweet Home”. Get off the Worry-go-Round with practical information you can use today to protect you and those you love.

Linda Fostek, The Crisis Planner, is an International Speaker and best selling Author. She has been recognized as an expert in planning and preparing for both personal and natural disasters to facilitate recovery, avoid family conflicts, and control chaos. Linda, carries on her late father s legacy through her books And Now What? , Shit Happens, Password Passport and The Crisis Planner HOME System. As a business and community leader Linda has been honored by media and organizations for her important work.

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