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9pm | Sanity in Co-Parenting

Finding Sanity in Co-parenting with kincrew will help you regain your sanity by addressing the 3 most important areas of co-parenting: communications, scheduling, and finances.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by scheduling conflicts, payment obligations, and miscommunication. What you really need is understanding and collaboration. Unfortunately, when you are a co-parent, your ex-partner may not always be on the same page. Life can become exhausting and co-parenting can be hard: you handle constant scheduling and rescheduling, try to accommodate holidays, avoid bad-mouthing your co-parent in front of the children, wrangle shared finances, and many other things.

In addition to bringing her practical step-mom life experience each week to Finding Sanity in Co-Parenting, Laura MacMahon, kincrew Co-founder, invites experts from the divorce and co-parenting professional ecosystem to share insights and answer listener questions.

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