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Coming March 16th!!!

Gayle TraceyMull

Gayle TraceyMull is a catalyst for change.  She helps clients create the life they dream of living. Gayle operates from a very intuitive organic place to meet clients where they currently are and she helps them reach beyond present circumstances to see the road to their best possible life. 

Gayle walks the path of the wounded healer. She is a psychic (reader) and life coach as well as a reiki master in two traditions,  a source tapping (EFT) practitioner, and a ULC Minister. She has a large and varied background in the mystical, magikal, and metaphysical. She has spent her whole life acquiring the knowledge she now uses to help others find their own best life path. Serving as a guide to help them make choices about spirituality, relationships, and life purpose without judgement. Gayle would laughingly tell you that in another age she was the woman who lived at the edge of the woods that you went to for help.

Currently Gayle lives in a one light town in the piney woods of East Texas with her husband Steven, two active grandchildren and a multitude of fur children. 

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