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6pm | I. M. Heart



The IM Heart Show encourages us to open ourselves to the energetic power of the heart and the feelings living there. Some are happy, warm and loving while others are grumpy, anxious and fearful. However, they are all still our feelings. We all live with feelings. They influence our choices, relationships, work and play. In this time, being open to all emotions, feelings and thoughts, can help us know who we are now and what is important to us as we move forward. When we can live “from the inside out” meaning from a center of compassion, kindness and wisdom instead of “from the outside in” meaning the energy of the world around us, it gives us a home base from which to operate. The book IM Heart invites us to notice, accept and live with all feelings, instead of ignoring them. It walks us through the process of opening our hearts first to ourselves, guided by the character of the book also named IM Heart.
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