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1pm | Let’s Chat About That

Unlock your positive energy potential! Dr. Zandra Harris, founder of P-nrgy Coaching, reveals the power of positive energy on her live TV broadcast, Let’s Chat About That (L-CAT) on Bold Brave TV. Join her each week as she guides her audience on a transformational journey through conversations that showcase the power and strength that emotional energy has over our physical beings. Her approach has helped countless individuals cultivate the essential ingredients for a joyful and successful life, including self-awareness, self-control, determination, resilience, and drive, while developing meaningful, trusted relationships along the way. Her holistic style facilitates growth, development, and a deeper connection with self, loved ones, and the community—an exciting and effective multidimensional paradigm!

Dr. Harris graduated from West Coast University with a B.A. in Management in 1990. She continued her education at the University of Phoenix, where she received her M.A. in Organizational Management in 1999 and her Doctorate in Management and Leadership in 2010. Dr. Harris’ credentials also include a certification in Professional Coaching, Positive Psychology, Conversational Intelligence, and Stephen’s Ministry from West Bowles Community Church. In her coaching practice, she helps elevate her clients’ confidence in themselves while cultivating a deeper sense of love and respect for the choices they make. Dr. Harris guides her clients toward an awareness of the power and strength of their internal emotional energy, creating better self-control and an attitude of openness for endless positive possibilities.

Identify your positive energy potential! Life will present its challenges! Be ready to face them and overcome!

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