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12pm | Spiritually Ripped

Spiritually Ripped is going to take you on a journey with Judie Burroughs through her eyes.  You’re going to experience firsthand what a cleansing is and also be able to call in for live readings. 

The show is not for the light of heart. Sometimes we can get down and dirty with Demons during the removal during the cleansings.   So if you’re prepared for this roller coaster ride come join us.

Judie Burroughs is a psychic reader, master healer, an ordained minister, and a doctor of metaphysics. At the age of 10 or 11 Mrs.Judie realized she had special gifts including reading the minds of others and using her work and spiritual cleanses to help them along the way. Now she’s bringing us on her journey so we can get a better look and understanding of the spiritual world that she’s grown so accustom to.

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