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12pm | A Promise to Kristin

Gina Pearce experienced a family tragedy that changed the trajectory of her life and devastated an entire community. Gina is a marketing professional turned activist who founded a non-profit with a goal of creating change in her community and beyond.

After the death of her sister, Kristin, in a domestic violence homicide that shocked her community, Gina began her journey to learn more about the social issue of domestic violence and how it impacts individuals, families and communities. As part of that journey, Gina founded Kristin’s Fund, a non-profit with a mission to create safer communities through domestic violence education. She also became a certified life coach, an experience that greatly impacted her personal healing process. Through her new podcast, A Promise to Kristin, Gina tells her story with emotion and heart to educate audiences and move them to action. Gina believes that educated communities are safer communities and educated families are safer families. Her goal with the podcast is to create a ripple effect that prompts change, breaks cycles and saves lives.

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