10am | The Teressa Joubert Show

Join The Teressa Joubert Show, every Thursday morning at 10 AM EST to delve into Spiritual and Health Topics and gift yourself with a toolbox for better mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health. Learn about how to use your sixth sense, find out what really happens in each different circumstance when our physical body dies.  Teressa is a Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant Empath, Aura Artist, Certified Health and Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher. She is also a wife and mother, living in Burlington Ontario Canada. Teressa is very gifted, funny and sincere. Enjoy learning about Spiritual and Health Topics from a fresh perspective. 

During each show, Teresa will be taking two callers to help teach valuable life lessons and help guide others in a better direction in their lives. Connect with her every Thursday at 10 AM EST to upgrade your consciousness, have a few laughs, learn and gift yourself with better knowledge so that you can live your best mental, physical and spiritual life possible.

Teresa Joubert is a psychic medium, aura artist, Medical Intuitive, health coach, Holistic life coach, and spiritual teacher from Burlington, Ontario.  As a wife and mother of three boys and one fur baby, She enjoys helping people to awaken into learning what their Six Sense strengths are, as well as what their best future timeline could be in areas of: health, relationships, family members, career, finances and life purpose.  She is very gifted at being able to see your aura – the colors that surround you and how this affects your health. She can also sense your personality, thinking style, as well as how you feel about yourself and the life that you are living. When you sit with Teressa for a reading, she will be able to focus in on possible future timelines for you in your highest possible good and describe to you what that feels and looks like. She will give you tools so that you can reach that version of yourself, whether that means standing in your truth, living the life you want, being more financially stable, or getting to a healthier version of you.

Teressa is also able to see your loved ones on the other side and communicate with specific people and pets in spirit. She is able to see the spirit body of your loved ones, as they stand beside you and gesture at areas of their body, while communicating telepathically to her with sensations, feelings, emotions, tastes and smells. There is a language of spirit that occurs through emotions, the nervous system, telepathic visions, sounds, smells and tastes that Teressa is able to perceive very well. She is therefore able to deliver a very rich and detailed communication between her and the spirit world. 

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